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Amanda Thomann MW 102-30 1-21-08 SRJ1 1. Winston Smith Winston appears to be a haggard, frail, and unhealthy man who is dirty, sore and depressed. It is obvious that his name was chosen by George Orwell from the infamous Winston Churchill as we discussed in class. As we read we learn that Winston begins keeping his diary in order to ensure his sanity and possibly to warn others and O’Brien in the future, even though if caught he could be evaporated. When Julia is introduced into the novel, we begin to see a change in how Winston acts. 2. Julia Julia is a coworker of Winston’s at the Ministry of Truth, who seems to be somewhat of a leader of the people but yet a follower of the Party at the same time. At first he is slightly more paranoid, thinking that Julia is the “thinkpol”, but then he begins to become sexually attracted to her. When Julia walks in the room with the red scarf wrapped around her waist, Winston notices the womanly curves of her body. 3. O’Brien O’Brien is another co-worker of Winston’s. They both work at the Ministry of Truth in the records department editing information that makes the Party sound bad, or that proves them wrong. Winston begins thinking how things haven’t always been like this and for some reason believes that in a glance shared between him and O’Brien, they are both thinking the same way. Winston wants to say something to him, but is too scared to for fear of O’Brien calling for the thought police. 4. Newspeak Syme is a friend of Winston’s who is re-writing the eleventh edition of the Newspeak dictionary. This version will eliminate thought and any influence over the people by Goldstein. This new language of Oceania, Newspeak, is divided into three major parts. Part A is made up of common, everyday phrases for such things as “ eating, drinking, working,….”(301), part B was made up of short hand abbreviations that are associated with political ideas or concepts, while part C covers anything related to science or technology. . In Oceania, anything
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regarding freedom or independence is summed up into crimethink. Before the new edition of Newspeak, the dictionaries were much larger covering a larger variety of terms and meanings. Our dictionaries today are edited and added to in order to enhance our language and to allow for a larger variety of interpretation. I do notice that the media uses some terms in order to sway peoples beliefs one way or another. Where politics are concerned, many negative things can be spoken on with positive sounding vocabulary. In Oceania, anything regarding freedom or independence is summed up into crimethink and there are no other words for it. “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?”(52) 5. Political/Government Structure Big Brother is the “face” of the Party and is at the top of the pyramid. He appears constantly on the telescreen “with a heavy black mustache and ruggedly handsome features.”(1)
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SRJ1 - Amanda Thomann MW 102-30 1-21-08 SRJ1 1. Winston...

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