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Topic Proposal - Amanda Thomann 102-30 Topic Proposal 1 For...

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Amanda Thomann 102-30 02-25-07 Topic Proposal 1. For my essay, I have chosen the topic of torture. In researching this topic, I hope to learn some sort of history on what types of torture are in the world, where and how torture occurs, and hopefully a why. I do not believe in torture and I think that anyone who uses it to accomplish their agenda should be prosecuted and punished. 2. In our discussion in class last week, I began to gain an interest in learning about torture. Torture was not the topic of my Okerstrom group and I do not have a personal or professional connection to the topic. I would like to possibly find the first documented events that involve torture, as well as learn some types of torture used by different governments. 3. My topic is definitely of interest to you, so I will try not to disappoint you! I hope that my classmates will find torture interesting, especially due to the fact that our government now has the right to torture United States citizens under the Patriot Act.
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