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Topic: Community college Title: Community College; friend or foe? Purpose: Persuasive/Informative I. Introduction. A. Hi, my name is Amanda Thomann. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the perks and the frustrations of community college. B. As far as education goes, where you get a degree from is not as important as it used to be. C. When you gather the facts, community college seems to be the most cost effective way to get an education. Attending a small college can be comfortable, affordable and close to home. On the other hand crowded classrooms, a small financial aid office, and an overpriced bookstore can deter a student from continuing their education. II. Body A. All of us sitting here have made the decision to attend a community college B. Compared to a University, community colleges have a much smaller student to instructor ratio. a. Being able to openly ask questions, getting to know fellow classmates, and familiarity with your instructor allows a student to be very involved in their own education and be comfortable while doing it.
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b. Not only that, the lower price of tuition allows more people to start attending
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Community College - Topic Community college Title Community...

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