CSI - you to witness the sometimes gruesome crimes. D....

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Topic: My favorite television series Title: CSI-Crime Scene Investigation Purpose: To inform and entertain I. Introduction A. My name is Amanda Thomann and I love to watch CSI. The first CSI was set in Las Vegas which has the second most active crime lab in the U.S., next to the FBI in Quantico, Virginia. CSI imitates the use of forensic technology by way of extreme experiments and previously un-used computer generated graphics depicting crimes first in Las Vegas and later in Miami and New York. II. Body A. Follows forensic scientists in Las Vegas Crime Lab as they solve cases using cutting edge technology. B. Most episodes have multiple victims and real life crimes. Follows victim from progression of crime through the closure of the case. C. Episodes give detailed evidence for normal and unusual circumstances, allowing
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Unformatted text preview: you to witness the sometimes gruesome crimes. D. There is a variety of sound effects, visual effects and popular music tracks throughout the show. E. Due to its popularity, CSI Miami and New York were created in the years following F. All three use songs by the Who as their theme song. III. Conclusion A. CSI has opened the doorway to exploring cases and solving crimes using similar technology on other shows. They have very creative filming and seem to always find a way to keep the audience in suspense. In the future we can only expect to see more outrageous cases and even better storylines. The many intriguing cases and investigators of the series cant help but draw you to watch this cutting edge crime-drama....
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CSI - you to witness the sometimes gruesome crimes. D....

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