Personal experience - B I went to the front of the cart and...

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Amanda Thomann Topic: Visual aid speech Title: Personal story Purpose: To inform I. I had taken my kids to the movies and then to Wal-mart in Grand Blanc. II. I had promised my kids a treat if they behaved. III. I never would’ve guessed where we would wind up that night. IV. We couldn’t get tickets to an earlier show, A. Only get in to the 9:20 show B. We didn’t get out of the movie until midnight C. My kids’ bedtime is 8:00 during the week, 9:00 on weekends. V. They were great in the movie and I decided to take them to Wal-mart A. I could tell they were both exhausted. B. We grabbed a child cart on the way in. C. They were laying on each other during the shopping. VI. Finally we came to the checkout line. A. They only had one lane open, we waited a while.
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Unformatted text preview: B. I went to the front of the cart and started unloading. C. Just then, my son fell sleeping face first onto the hard cement. D. I ran back and screamed for first aid help. E. I rushed over to a bench and checked him over. F. He was acting very funny, and I thought something was wrong G. They called an ambulance, and we went to Genesy’s Hospital. Amanda Thomann H. After staying there until 7:00 am, keeping a four year old awake, we were able to leave. VII. I was thankful how helpful the employees were being. VIII. The paramedics were very reassuring and helpful. IX. I will never take my kids out that late again, and I will always buckle them into the child seat from now on....
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Personal experience - B I went to the front of the cart and...

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