PSY 110 WI assignment 1

PSY 110 WI assignment 1 - the low point of arousal,...

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PSY 110 Writing Intensive Assignment 1 Coreena Wells Instructor: Dr. Gina Thomas TA: Keith Leas From reading the book, I discerned four main psychological mechanisms for what we eat. One mechanism is specific hungers , craving what your body needs. Another is learned likes and dislikes such as preferring broccoli if it was a frequent side dish when growing up. A third mechanism is incentives , eating a food because of the way it looks or smells or because of a past experience with the food. Moods or emotions can influence what you eat. If someone is depressed they might eat ‘comfort foods’ or if someone feels bored or tired they might eat something to give them energy or wake them up. For simple tasks, the efficiency of performance increases along with the level of arousal, then reaches a maximum efficiency at very near the highest point of arousal, then efficiency goes back down at the very highest arousal. For complex tasks, efficiency of performance also increases along with the level of arousal but reaches its peak soon after
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Unformatted text preview: the low point of arousal, efficiency then decreases as arousal increases further. These peaks in performance at the given levels of arousal are the optimal levels of arousal for each task. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the idea that the most basic needs have to be met before the next tier of needs can even be considered. In order from most basic to highest level of needs is biological, safety, love and belongingness, self-esteem, self-actualization. The cognitive theory of emotion is the most contemporary theory. This theory uses two steps to understand emotions. In the first step, an individual’s interpretation of external stimuli that has to do with a situation will partly influence what emotion they will experience. In the second step, how the individual interprets the arousal of their body influences what emotion they are said to be experiencing. In all, an individual’s interpretation of an event is the largest factor influencing what emotion they will experience....
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PSY 110 WI assignment 1 - the low point of arousal,...

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