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What interferes with the growth of public interest groups? • The collective action dilemma: The public goods problem and free riders. In simple terms, a pure public good is any good that, once supplied to one person, is supplied at the same level to all (jointness of supply), and no one can be excluded from consuming it (nonexcludability). What do public interest groups do in order to overcome this dilemma and grow large? • Distribute selective incentives. Strategies of Lobbying Legal: - Administrative process challenges (pre/post) - Appeals challenges (post) Financial: - Campaign contributions - Advocacy cost support - Coalition and parallel organization support Information: - Political information - Electoral or career-relevant information - Policy-analytic information Constituency Influence and Pressure
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Unformatted text preview: • Disruption Effective Lobbying • Access & Influence: • Personal lobbying works best • Relationship building is a major tool • Credibility : Information must be reliable • Critical Nonlobbying Activities : • Monitoring:- Policy monitoring: opportunity-seeking- Compliance monitoring: client assistance • Client interaction: both directions- Giving direction- Holding hands; explaining and explaining away Sources: Berry ( 1977, 1997); Nownes (2006); Levine (2009). Commandments of Lobbying • Tell the truth. • Never promise more than you can deliver. • Know how to listen so you can accurately understand what you are hearing. • Staff are there to be worked with and not circumvented. • Spring no surprises....
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Lobbyingrevss - • Disruption Effective Lobbying •...

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