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ENG 2MM3 Assignment 3, fall 2008 Due: November 19, 2008 in Class Questions: Contact to [email protected] and “CC to the instructor” Question 1: 39 Points Q. 1: A three-phase power system is shown in fig 1. It consists of an ideal 216-V Y-connected three-phase generator connected through a three-phase transmission line to a -connected load. The transmission line has an impedance of per phase. For this simple power system, use V ab as the reference voltage source, find (a) the line current ; (b) the load’s line voltage , phase voltage , and the phase current ; (c) the real, reactive and apparent powers consumed by the loads, and (d) the loss of the transmission line. Question 2: 36 Points
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Unformatted text preview: Q.2: A 1000HP, Y-connected motor is connected to a 3500 V (line-to-line), 3-phase, 60 Hz line. If the motor produces a total output of 746 HP at an efficiency of 90 % and a power factor of 85% lagging, calculate (a) the total real power absorbed by the motor; (b) the total reactive power absorbed by the motor; (c) the line current. If a delta connected capacitor bank is connected to the line to improve the power factor to 95 % lagging, calculate the size of the capacitor bank per phase. Also calculate the new line current. V an V cn V bn Z Φ Z Φ Z Φ Z Φ = 4.2 Ω j 2.4 Ω 216 V 4.2 Ω j 2.4 Ω 4.2 Ω j 2.4 Ω Figure 1: Three-phase circuit for Q.1...
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