cb review essays - 1. In the event that workers in company...

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1. In the event that workers in company B have a higher level of worker solidarity, this will help their strike leverage. While not something that can be easily quantified, scholars of collective bargaining recognize that worker attitudes affect worker’s ability to stay out on strike effectively and for a long time. In the event workers in company B, for whatever reason have more access to alternative income. If workers in company B have alternative sources of income, their forgone earnings during a strike would be less detrimental to the union. In a situation where company B is more profitable, this will manifest in higher total power. This is not unlikely, because they operate in multiple plants and probably have a higher level of output/product being sold. That being said, if company B has less product in inventory (that is, not being sold to retailers), they will be more affected by a strike than company A which presumably keeps a lot of refrigerators on reserve for whatever reason. 2. Union would ignore the wage employment trade-off in circumstance3s that the parties do not have a significant bargaining history. Union members have the highest expectations. They would not see the consequences and would over look the wage- employment trade-off. The union members would also ignore the wage-employment trade-off if the senior workers were the ones doing the CB. They would know that new workers would be laid off before them and not care about the employment level. The union would consider the wage employment trade-off if they had seen other plants around them close due to struggles over wages. EX) Auto workers have recently felt the heat from economic realities-resulted in recent concessionary bargaining. UAW workers accepted concessions when bargaining with GM. 3.
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cb review essays - 1. In the event that workers in company...

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