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Chapter 2: Perception “Alternative” Milk Parmalat o Shelf-stable milk: Can last for 5-6 months unopened without refrigeration Discussion: Would you drink milk out of a room-temperature, square, litre-size box? Overflowing Sensations Our world is a symphony of colours, sounds, odours, tastes, etc. o Marketers contribute to the commotion o Advertisements, product packages, radio and TV commercials, billboards Sensation and Perception Sensation o Immediate response of our sensory receptors… …eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers… …to basic stimuli… …such as light, colour, sound, odour, and texture Perception o Process by which sensations are selected, organized, and interpreted Adding meaning to raw sensations Sensory Systems We receive external stimuli through our five senses o Perceptual process begins sensory input Hedonic Consumption o Design/form = function/substance Vision Colour o Colour provokes emotion o Reactions to colour are biological and cultural 1
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o Colour in marketing is serious business! Size o We tend to eat more: When food container is larger When our plate still contains food When we see assortment of foods o We focus on height rather than width when pouring liquid into a glass Smell Odours = mood and memory (limbic system) o Scented marketing ($90 million business) Cadillac’s “Nuance” scent = expensive upholstery o Most recognized smells: J&J Baby Powder, chocolate and coconut o Reactions to odours depend on cultural background Hearing Many aspects of sound affect people’s feelings and behaviours o Phonemes of brands = unique product meanings “i” brands are “lighter” than “a” brands o Effect of Muzak Touch Haptic senses affect product experience and judgment Kansei engineering Fabric textures and surfaces with products and packaging Perception Male
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