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Chapter 4: Motivation and Value Motivation and Values: The forces that drive us to buy/use products… o Are usually straightforward o Can be related to wide-spread beliefs o Are emotional and create deep commitment o Are sometimes not immediately recognizable to us The Motivation Process: Motivation: the process that leads us to behave they way we do o Need creates tension o Tension creates drive to reduce/eliminate need o Desired end state = consumer’s goal o Products/services provide desired end state and reduce tension Need = discrepancy between present state and ideal state o Discrepancy creates tension o Drive: the larger the discrepancy, the more urgency felt Motivational Strength: •Degree of willingness to expend energy to reach a goal –Biological vs. learned needs –Drive Theory –Expectancy Theory Motivational Direction: •Most goals can be reached by a number of routes… –Marketers: products/services provide best chance to attain goal •Needs vs. wants –Want: particular form of consumption used to satisfy a need Types of Needs: •Biogenic •Psychogenic •Utilitarian •Hedonic Motivational Conflicts: •Goal valence –Positively valued goal: approach –Negatively valued goal: avoid •Deodorant and mouthwash •Positive and negative motives often conflict with one another •Approach-Approach –Two desirable alternatives –Cognitive dissonance •Approach-Avoidance –Positive and negative aspects of desired product 1
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–Guilt of desire occurs •Avoidance-Avoidance –Facing a choice with two undesirable alternatives Classifying Consumer Needs: •Murray’s 20 psychogenic needs –Thematic Apperception Technique (TAT) •Specific needs and buying behaviour –Need for achievement –Need for affiliation –Need for power –Need for uniqueness Levels of Needs in the Maslow Hierarchy: Consumer Involvement: •We can get pretty attached to products… –“All in One” tattoo on consumer’s head Lucky magazine for women •Involvement: perceived relevance of an object based on one’s needs, values, and interests –The motivation to process information Inertia and Flow State:
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CB_ch4_notes - Chapter 4 Motivation and Value Motivation...

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