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Chapter 5: The Self Perspectives on the Self: •We buy products to highlight/hide aspects of the self •Does the self exist? –Collective self vs. independent/unique self Self-Concept: •The beliefs a person holds about his/her own attributes, and how he/she evaluates these qualities –Very complex structure of attributes •Attribute dimensions: content, positivity, intensity, stability over time, and accuracy Self-Esteem: •The positivity of a person’s self-concept –Low vs. high self-esteem –Acceptance by others –Social comparison •Marketers: attractive models using their products Real and Ideal Selves: •Ideal self vs. actual self –Comparison influences self-esteem –Ideal self is molded by consumer’s culture –Products… •…can help us reach ideal self •…can be consistent with actual self Fantasy: •Many successful products appeal to consumers’ fantasies… –…allowing us to “try on” interesting roles •Personal websites = projection of self Multiple Selves: •Each of us has many selves/roles –Situation-dependent –Role identities •Marketers pitch products needed to facilitate an active role identity Symbolic Interactionism: •Relationships with others play a large part in forming the self –Symbolic environment –Shared meanings •Our possessions define “who we are” –Self-fulfilling prophecy •Acting the way we assume others expect of us Looking-Glass Self: •“Taking the role of the other” •Can vary depending on… –…Whose perspective we are taking 1
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–…How accurate our predictions are of their evaluations of us •Self-fulfilling prophecy Self-Consciousness: •Awareness of self •Public self-consciousness •Self-monitoring –High vs. low self-monitors Consumption and Self-Concept : •Identity marketing –“Turok,” baby boy Iuma, Harley Davidson tattoo •Product consumption as definition of the self Discussion: Construct a “consumption biography” of a friend, family member, or classmate. Does this information help accurately predict that person’s personality?
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CB_ch5_notes - Chapter 5: The Self Perspectives on the...

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