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Chapter 6: Personality and Lifestyles Personality : •A person’s unique psychological makeup and how it consistently influences the way a person responds to his/her environment –Stable vs. situation-specific •Marketers: lifestyles –Leisure activities, political outlook, aesthetic tastes, etc. Freudian Systems: •Personality = conflict between gratification and responsibility –Id: pleasure principle –Superego: our conscience –Ego: mediates between id and superego •Reality principle •Marketing Implications –Unconscious motives underlying purchases –Symbolism in products to compromise id and superego •Sports car as sexual gratification for men •Phallic symbols Motivational Research: •Freudian ideas unlock deeper product and advertisement meanings •Consumer depth interviews •Latent motives for purchases –Examples of Dichter’s motives (Table 6.1) •Bowling, electric trains, power tools = power •Ice cream, beauty products = social acceptance •Criticisms –Invalid or works too well –Too sexually-based •Appeal –Less expensive than large-scale surveys –Powerful hook for promotional strategy –Intuitively plausible findings (after the fact) –Enhanced validity with other techniques Neo-Freudian Theories : •Karen Horney –Compliant vs. detached vs. aggressive •Alfred Adler –Motivation to overcome inferiority •Harry Stack Sullivan –Personality evolves to reduce anxiety 1
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Neo-Freudian Theories: Jung •Carl Jung: analytical psychology –Collective unconscious –Archetypes in advertising (see Figure 6.1: old wise man, earth mother, etc.) •BrandAsset ® Archetypes model •BAV ® Brand Health measures BrandAsset Archetypes + BAV Brand Health •Archetypes across cultures and time •Archetypes telegraph instantly •Strong evidence of achieving business objectives with this model •“Early warning” signal of brand trouble Trait Theory : •Personality traits: identifiable characteristics that define a person •Traits relevant to consumer behaviour: –Innovativeness –Materialism –Self-consciousness –Need for cognition –Frugality Are You an Innie or an Outie? •Inner-directed vs. outer-directed –Unique sense of self vs. pleasing others/fitting in •Power of conformity and need for uniqueness •Idiocentrics vs. allocentrics –Contentment –Health consciousness –Food preparation –Workaholics –Travel and entertainment
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CB_ch6_notes - Chapter 6 Personality and Lifestyles...

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