Answers for Assignment_2 (Fall 2008)

Answers for Assignment_2 (Fall 2008) - STAS2126...

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DUE BEFORE LAB SESSION ON SEPT 16/17/18. Submit assignment to Digital Dropbox in Blackboard. Population below is in millions… 1,000 million = 1 billion The site below has a population clock which provides estimates of the current population. For example, when I checked the estimate last Friday Sept 6, it was 6,721,660,410. By the time you check it will be higher to reflect the increase in population during the past several days. Obviously this I just an estimate based on the current population growth trend. Current world population growth rate is about 1.14% per year The rate of growth peaked in 1963 when it stood at about 2.19% a year. Check the population clock at the above site and record the figure that you see for current population. Then use the current growth rate to estimate what the world population will be a year from now assuming that the growth rate per year is 1.14% Current world population __ 6,721,660,410 _ Q1a. Estimated population a year from now_ 6,721,660,410 + (.0114 x 6,721,660,410)=6,798,287,339 Q1b. Estimated population a year from now if the growth rate was 2.19% as in 1963 6,721,660,410+(.0214 x 6,721,660,410)=6,868,864,773 This is a simple prediction…we assume the current growth rate will continue into the future and our estimate is based on that belief. Year Population 10,000 BC 1 9000 BC 3 8000 BC 5 7000 BC 7 6000 BC 10 5000 BC 15 4000 BC 20 3000 BC 25 2000 BC 35 1000 BC 50 500 BC 100 Year 1 200 1000 310 1750 791 Year Population 1800 978 1850 1,262 1900 1,650 1950 2,519 1955 2,756 1960 2,982 1965 3,335 1970 3,692 1975 4,068 1980 4,435 1985 4,831 1990 5,264 1995 5,674 2000 6,071 2005 6,454 For the questions below, refer to your copy of the STAS2126 Survey that you completed. 2a Are you male or female? (Q1) Dichotomous …Nominal…Ordinal…Interval 2b What program are you in? (Q2) Dichotomous… Nominal …Ordinal…Interval 2c What is your birth order? (Q3) Dichotomous…Nominal… Ordinal …Interval 2d What is your age? (Q4) Dichotomous…Nominal… Ordinal …Interval 2e What is your marital status? (Q5) Dichotomous… Nominal …Ordinal…Interval 2f Where do you live (dwelling type)? (Q8) Dichotomous… Nominal …Ordinal…Interval 2g All things considered, how religious would you say you are? (Q12) Dichotomous…Nominal… Ordinal …Interval 2h Where do you stand on global warming? (Q16) Dichotomous…Nominal… Ordinal …Interval 2i I could be happy even if I did not have a lot money (Q23) Dichotomous…Nominal… Ordinal …Interval 2j What about population growth rate as discussed above…assume growth rates of 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5%. ...would this be considered an equal interval measure (see notes if necessary)? Explain your answer.
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Answers for Assignment_2 (Fall 2008) - STAS2126...

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