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religious icon tree - The Christmas tree Viewed in Another...

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Very few people stop to think about the true meaning of Christmas and its origination. It started as a pagan holiday during the time of Romans, and then developed into a Christian celebration dedicated for the birth of Christ. Christmas is a very festive celebration that is held annually in December all around the world. It has been a very big and an inspiring holiday for many families around the world for many centuries. According to the majority of people it is said to be "the most wonderful time of year." One of the most important objects pertaining to this holiday is the Christmas tree. As early as the year 390 people started the trend of having decorated evergreens. These evergreens supposedly represented eternal life and in our past history, the tree served mainly as a religious symbol, unlike now a days the tree have become more commercialized and people spend excessively on decorations, trees and gifts. The Christmas tree was a very important factor of the Egyptians and Roman's lives in the earlier days. The Egyptians worshipped these trees and during the winter season "they brought green date palm leaves into their homes to symbolize life's triumph over death" (Christopher p2). Similarly the Romans performed rituals during the winter. They believed that by hanging up holly and mistletoe it signified everlasting life and they can keep out evil spirits by putting evergreen branches above their doors. Both cultures had hope that they can make it through a brutal winter just as the evergreen trees did because no matter what time of year it was the trees never died. 1
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religious icon tree - The Christmas tree Viewed in Another...

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