Quiz 10 - True 8. It is proposed that the primitive...

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1. The biological species concept states that ___. species are groups of interbreeding natural populations that are  reproductively isolated from other groups 2. When something prevents gene flow between two  populations, ___ may occur. all of the above 3. When potential mates occupy different local habitats  within the same area, it is termed ___ isolation. Ecological 4. Of the following, ___ is a postmating isolating mechanism. hybrid sterility 5. Physically separated populations are allopatric. True 6. Hybrid infertility is a postmating isolation mechanism. True 7. Adaptive radiation may occur when a species encounters  a wide variety of unoccupied habitats.
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Unformatted text preview: True 8. It is proposed that the primitive atmosphere contained all of the following except ___. Oxygen 9. The first organisms were primitive ___. anaerobic bacteria 10. Reptiles are more advanced than amphibians because of ___. all of the above 11. RNA molecules can be both self-replicating and catalytic. This is evidence that ___. RNA was the first hereditary molecule and enzyme 12. Mitochondria and chloroplasts have their own DNA. True 13. Animals with exoskeletons are preadapted to life on land. True 14. Amphibians can live completely independent of the water. False...
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Quiz 10 - True 8. It is proposed that the primitive...

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