1- element of fiction most important

1- element of fiction most important - intimately first....

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Erin Gray 240 words ENGL 3450 090 Scroggins 16 September 2009 1 st assignment- What Makes a Story a Masterpiece? A story's Point of View opens up all possibilities. A writer's voice should speak loudly from his or her work; be it in the point of view of a character with a background similar to their own, or the point of view of a character with experiences that the writer can only imagine. This imagining is crucial to the writing process, for it allows the writer opportunity for their own mind, the story and the reader's reaction. Literature provides a chance to see into the life of another. A visual scene is important, but doesn't matter as much as seeing someone's thoughts. A plot is created from humanity's reactions to one another, and I feel as a writer it is much too difficult to plan the plot; I must know the characters
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Unformatted text preview: intimately first. Characters' thoughts tell the most about them. A writer's style is prevalent in everything they write, but the same story told in differing points of view would still contain passionate emotion, whereas the style would differ for each story told. The theme is something the reader must determine for themselves. One may feel that Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men was a story of beauty in human friendship; another may feel it's intent was to share with the reader the horrors of misunderstanding or intolerance. Therefore, Point of View is the element of fiction that most greatly influences a short story being regarded as a masterpiece....
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