2- Simile found in Greasy Lake

2- Simile found in Greasy Lake - The narrator seems to...

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Erin Gray 249 words ENGL 3450 090 Scroggins 21 October 2009 2nd assignment- A specific Figure of Speech in Greasy Lake In T. Coraghessan Boyle's “Greasy Lake”, the figure of speech that best summarized the tale was the simile for the keys. The narrator and his friends silently searched for the keys that had proved unfortunately elusive during their previous night of debauchery that resulted in terror. The inability to find the keys when they were desperately needed hours before inspires a profound appreciation when he sees them “almost immediately. .. glinting like jewels in the first tapering shaft of sunlight.” Comparing the keys to jewels attributes the qualities of sparkling, radiant, rare and colorful gems to the dull keys he used each day, perhaps with a harsh white glare from the morning sun striking his eyes.
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Unformatted text preview: The narrator seems to refuse to dwell upon the obvious meaning behind the ease with which he recovered the keys, saying there was “no need to get philosophical about it” as a sort of acknowledgement of what he knows he should realize about the foolhardiness of the night before and his fortune in driving away alive. Their worth to him was “like jewels” because they represented the ability to flee and escape the detrimental actions of all those that came to Greasy Lake. His finding the keys and seeing the light reflecting from them remind him that he is still alive and can leave such a place in his life. I felt the simile for the keys as jewels giving a beacon of shining light proved most beneficial for the story....
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