EX3 Lit to be read in 5 yrs for this class

EX3 Lit to be read in 5 yrs for this class - Erin Gray ENGL...

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Erin Gray ENGL 2327 Davis 29 June 2009 Examination Three Prompt I believe Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason to be a thoroughly courageous, well-devised and long-considered profession to truth, albeit unpopular at the time. Paine was criticized for his religious views after publication of The Writings of Thomas Paine , of which The Age of Reason was a part. However, although he always had intended to state his thoughts on religion, he had wanted to wait until much later in life and allow those thoughts to be “the last offering I should make to my fellow citizens of all nations, and that at a time when the purity of the motive that induced me to it could not admit of a question, even by those who might disapprove the work. (643)” He had been encouraged to make the publication sooner, however, by the circumstances in France: During the French Revolution the Roman Catholic Church was discredited and the churches were closed. Paine decided it was necessary to write Chapter 1: The Author's Profession of Faith because of this shift: from verily trusting one's organized system of theology to believing it to be suddenly incorrect or blasphemous because of political unrest. Paine deemed it pertinent to publish his thoughts “lest, in the general wreck of superstition, of false systems of government and false theology, we lose sight of morality, of humanity, and of the theology that is true. (643)” Paine had noticed several blindly and loudly making testimonies of their respective faiths, and he made his, though it was quite different: he stated, “I do this with all that sincerity and frankness with which the mind of man communicates with itself. (643)” Paine believed in one God, and an afterlife. He believed man to be equal, and a man's moral
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EX3 Lit to be read in 5 yrs for this class - Erin Gray ENGL...

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