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Basic Dog Commands2 - How to t rain a dog to learn basic...

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How to train a dog to learn basic commands: Sit, stay, come, and down. Getting Started The attitude of your new puppy depends on you. The dog relies on you to feed him or her and domesticate him or her into the world. From the moment you bring your puppy home, training him or her with positive reinforcement is crucial if you wish to have a happy home life with your dog. Give the puppy a lot of encouragement and praise when he or she performs a good task, like waiting to urinate outside or not barking at people. When a dog performs a bad task, such as chewing on shoes or destroying plants, prevention techniques are the best to use; not negative behavior. It is better to start out on the right foot and correct bad behaviors later on than beginning poorly and trying to fix his behavior. Be flexible, patient, and fair. Your puppy does not know how to behave correctly and it is up to you to teach him or her. Scolding him or her will only make matters worse and keep in mind that he or she does not know these things right off the bat. Set goals and stick to them. Be persistent, yet keep your training sessions short and fun. If
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Basic Dog Commands2 - How to t rain a dog to learn basic...

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