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Essay on roles of fathers in U.S.

Essay on roles of fathers in U.S. - level and religiosity...

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Erin Gray DFEC 3613 Dartt March 13, 2008 Chapter Quiz #2: The Federal Government The research done by the National Fatherhood Initiative surveyed 701 American fathers aged 18 and over. Covered in the survey were aspects regarding attitudes about fatherhood and the fathers’ opinions of their roles as fathers, perceived obstacles to good fathering, individual performance as a father, and tips to provide aid for fathers. The proper development of children relies heavily on the role of a responsible father active in their lives. Additionally, this benefits society as a whole. However, it is uncertain how to attain the role of a responsible, active father, and this was the driving force behind the survey. The interviewers, along with the National Fatherhood Initiative, also conducted the survey to uncover several key things. They desired to know: why some fathers perform their job better than others, the obstacles that stood in the way of good fathering, and the distribution of those seen as “good” fathers among age, education
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Unformatted text preview: level, and religiosity. The respondents were asked fourteen questions. The median age of those surveyed was 41; 85 percent of the fathers were married. 90 percent lived with their focal child. 27 percent of fathers said they were “very religious,” 10 percent were not at all. 99 percent of fathers said that fatherhood made up a large part of their identity. 53 percent said that they agreed that mothers could adequately substitute for the role of fathers. 91 percent agreed that there is a father absence in American society, but only 62 percent “strongly agreed.” Those with a lower education level, and those not living with their children, were more likely to agree that mothers could replace fathers. This clearly indicates that some view the lack of responsible fathers to be a problem, however social pressures and the government continue to play a large role in a man’s decision to be an active and caring role model for his child....
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Essay on roles of fathers in U.S. - level and religiosity...

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