Cultural Factors that Influence School Success

Cultural Factors that Influence School Success - Erin Gray...

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Erin Gray Dr. Guevara EDEC 3613.090 15 May 2009 Cultural Factors That Influence School Success A school's success is based largely off of those that compose it- administration, teachers, parents, community members, and students. The culture of that school is reflected in its population. Socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion, and geographic factors will all influence the people involved with the school. When the degree of differences between members of the school community is large, misunderstandings and stress may occur. The ways to ensure a school's success are simple: encourage diversity and cultural understanding. Cultural factors that will influence a school's success include an active community, active parents, and peers that possess values and discipline. Barriers to this is ignorance or intolerance of a group dissimilar to one's own because of their way of life, which could include anything from their values, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, accent/ language, country/ region of origin, clothing, food, and practices. People are often afraid of what they are unfamiliar with. It is important that the entire community embrace the diversity of different cultures. The community and parents must act first, and the students' desire to achieve will follow. From there, the students in the school will realize the importance of their education from the encouragement of their community, their parents and their peers; in addition to the continued support of their teachers and administrators. An active community could involve assistance to those of other cultures. Diverse
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local restaurants and businesses could sponsor the multi-cultural week at a junior high or even a fair at a local park with booths from other regions, cultures and religions. Those with a low socio-economic status could be provided low-cost child care from a
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Cultural Factors that Influence School Success - Erin Gray...

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