Infant and or Toddler Observation Report

Infant and or Toddler Observation Report - Erin Gray Dr...

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Erin Gray Dr. Guevara EDEC 3613.090 23 February 2009 Infant Observation Report Observer: Erin Gray Developmental Stage/ Age: 9 months Place: St. Pius X Day Care center Date: 13 February 2009 Time: 4:30-5:30 Section One: Anecdotal Record: When I first arrived at the house the church converted into a child care building, I noticed the rooms were small, but comfortable. There was music playing, a classical song that I later found out was from the Baby Mozart CD. There were cribs in one room for the seven infants, and there were two female caregivers. One woman came forward and introduced herself as Sonia, the other was bottle-feeding a baby. They showed me the kitchen, where I washed and dried my hands. The room was for infants up to “toddling” age, then the children go to another house for care. I observed five infants on the floor playing, one was in a playpen and one was being bottle-fed by a caregiver, Debra. The infants were playing with a variety of toys such as: blocks, foam books, a Fischer Price learning table, stuffed animals that had materials inside to make them squeak or make a crunching sound, and various knicknacks that were more for sensory purposes than for the child's amusement to play with. Debra said that most of the infants were disinterested in books at this phase. I sat down in a rocking chair and picked a particular infant to watch. This was Kathrine, a nine-month old sitting on a play mat. The play mat was a cotton mat that had various animals on it in different colors, and when a baby lies
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Infant and or Toddler Observation Report - Erin Gray Dr...

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