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my classroom rules - Subject Assignment One Author Erin...

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Subject: Assignment One Author: Erin Gray Date: February 12, 2008 7:41 PM I believe that James is having a hard time because he acts out whenever he feels he cannot adjust quickly to a new environment. Because of the change of teachers, he is uncertain how he should act; i.e., should he misbehave to get attention and attain power over the teacher and the other students? He sees the other students behaving and realizes that they are not a focus of the teacher, who is more concerned with students like himself, Bobby and Latoya. I think that Bobby is having a hard time because he is afraid to speak up in class (thus improving both his English and his social relationships) because of his poor English. He may be afraid that the teacher or other students will make fun of him or think that he is dumb or joke about his accent. It's tough to be different for a child! The teacher may not even be aware of what is going on at recess, after school, etc. with the other children- they may be mean to him, causing him to want to hit and kick.
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