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preschool observation - Erin Gray DFST 4233- Guidance of...

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Erin Gray DFST 4233- Guidance of Youth and Children Renick 10 March 2008 Lab Report- Preschool Observation Child Development Laboratory Observer: Erin Gray Developmental Stage/ Age: approximately 4 years old Place: Child Development Laboratory Date: March 4, 2008 Time: 8 to 10 AM Section One:
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Anecdotal Record: The classroom for the four- and five- year olds in the Child Development Lab was strongly conducive to the children's autonomy and social-emotional development. In the front of the room, there was a kitchen station for children to enact make-believe scenarios of a house. There was a computer station adjacent to the kitchen, and on the other side there were tables with paper for drawing. There was an easel with paper covering it, a rocking chair and a wall of books surrounding a comfortable rug that faced a wall with the letters of the alphabet lined up in a row. Under the letters of the alphabet were corresponding pictures of things or people in the class whose names begin with that letter. In the center of the room there was a separate station for play, and next to that there was a small “child-size” restroom for the children. When I observed, I first noticed a girl and boy playing together next to the rocking chair. The girl, Child A, appeared to want to sit in the chair while the boy, Child B, was rocking in it. She attempted to pick him up out of the chair, but could not, so A gave him a hug instead. Child B got up and went to the kitchen area to retrieve a small wooden high chair. Child C, a tall girl who looked to be older than the others in the class, approached him from the kitchen and took the chair from him, saying, “Let Mommy do it!” Child C moved the chair for him to the rug next to the rocking chair, where Child A was rocking while drawing on the easel. A teacher approached, and said to Child A, “(A), all the markers stay over here. You have marker on your face now, go wash it off.” A left to the restroom, and Child C replaced A in the rocking chair. She rocked for a minute, then turned
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preschool observation - Erin Gray DFST 4233- Guidance of...

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