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Teachers and Role in Community

Teachers and Role in Community - Erin Gray DFEC 3613 Dartt...

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Erin Gray DFEC 3613 Dartt 17 April 2008 Chapter Quiz #17: Parent, Family and Community Involvement Andrea Peterson, Kimberly Oliver, Jason Kamras, and Grant Simpson are exemplary teachers and role models for an Early Childhood Education major. 2. Peterson, a music educator, worked with few resources and no funding for a music program. She worked with parents, community organizations, the Associated Student Body, and administrators to raise $55,000 for new equipment. She encouraged students to participate in choirs, music competitions, jazz and marching bands. This dramatically increased students’ self-esteem and confidence, and their knowledge of other subjects that have correlated with the music program. Kimberly Oliver, a kindergarten teacher, first came to a school with declining academic performance and little hope for students because of poverty, race, mobility, and language barriers. Oliver worked to establish programs that would effectively ensure curriculum, instruction and assessment for the school. She works to promote literacy by
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