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PV NROTC ROSTER 1st Platoon 2nd Platoon 3rd Platoon PLT CDR 3/C Peterman, James 832-474-1221 PLT CDR 1/C Sims, Dwayjan 323-793-0798 PLT CDR 3/C Horn, Garrett 979-220-1215 PLT SGT. 3/C Kanne, Nicholas 832-439-8909 PLT SGT. 2/C Jimenez, Marissa 361-813-6274 PLT SGT 3/C Sams, Zechariah 936-349-6233 GUIDE 4/C Sweatt, Jaron 281-768-9737 GUIDE 4/C Pruett-Poole, Michael 512-517-6997 GUIDE 3/C Talbert, Bill 979-221-4813 1 SQD LDR 4/C Pfeil, Aaron 661-557-0946 1SQD LDR 4/C Tomlinson, Charmaline 251-554-1102 1SQD LDR 3/C Cranford, Chelsea 281-636-6276 4/C Stepp, Samantha 870-718-9868 4/C Burks, Brittany 870-329-7408 3/C Holiday, Kanisha 409-504-5447 4/C Reyes, Rocio 832-405-7026 4/C Newman, Niara 832-453-1413 3/C Fears, Freddie 904-386-1104 4/C Handy, Sarah 847-414-9989 4/C Norris, Kystal 713-550-7173 3/C Garza, Mollie 806-544-8692 4/C Tomlinson, Charles 251-554-2283 4/C Vieyra, Vianca 281-745-3230 3/C Mitchelle, Kendrick 409-223-8681 4/C Hanner, Jasmine 678-993-3849 2SQD LDR 4/C Gutierrez, Michael
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This note was uploaded on 11/19/2009 for the course CVEG 3103 taught by Professor Mike during the Spring '09 term at Baylor.

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