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Discussion Questions: 1. Do morals adjust depending on who we are around? If so are they morals at all? a. Can being around a certain individual affect our impartial perspective? 2. Singer states that “it is our developed capacity to reason that gives us the ability to take the impartial perspective”; knowing this, how do we measure reason and at what level is it considered “developed?” 3. Is morality based on reasoning alone? Do emotions and feelings play a part?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Do you believe reasoning was an evolved entity? 5. De Wall states that “a solitary person would have no need for morality.” What about drugs? Is doing drugs a moral action even if it’s done outside of society? 6. De Wall states that “Moral systems are inherently biased towards the in-group.” Is this really morality? It seems to only apply in certain situations. It’s almost selfish as in the veneer theory....
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