Marx & Human Nature and Social Order

Marx & Human Nature and Social Order - i He said...

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Marx on Human Nature and Social Order (030509) I. Preliminaries a. Relevance? b. Two Dimensions of the Idealism/materialism Debates i. 1 st Dimension – philosophical/metaphysical dimension 1. Materialist - believe all knowledge derives from sensation and experience. a. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke 2. Idealist - believe we have knowledge that was there at birth. c. 2 nd Dimension – sociological dimension II. Human Nature as Constant: Man the Producer a. Marx’s “Naturalism”
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Unformatted text preview: i. He said that we are the only species that use tools ii. Only human beings can produce the means of their own subsistence b. Homo Faber i. We are who we are because we can produce ii. Technology set our species apart iii. Our Products can work back on us and make us who we are. The external world we create works back and helps determine who we are. Dialects always include Thesis, antithesis, and synthesis....
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