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Reading answers 7 1 a. Because they are so used to having it that they don’t fear losing it. At the same time the poor are so used ot not having it htat they don’t try to gain it. b. The fact that the rich were once poor and did not gain their wealth through mere inheritance 3 a. American materialism 4 a. They constantly think on the goods they do not have The taste for material enjoyment. (Materialism) b. When everything is equal, it makes them think they are made for great destinies but when men are nearly alike and follow the same route , it is difficult for any of them to advance. c. When everything is equal, any small unleveling causes a wound. The more you have the more you want.
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Unformatted text preview: 6 a. An awareness of their sensual needs; get rich because that’s the good way to be. 7 a. Materialism is most dangerous in democracy because that materialism will link up with the vice of individualism. If individualism becomes too extreme, it becomes selfish. 8 a. The habit of behaving with the view of the future. b. Philosophers/moralist can do the same by resisting small everyday passions so they can satisfy the general passion of happiness. 11 a. The division of labor lowers the class of workers and elevates the masters. The worker becomes more skillful and less industrial b. You have the features of the old aristocracy without the obligations....
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