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Reading Answers 8 1 a. They became less sympathetic as the nature of ranks changed. In an aristocratic society the member of each class feel continual and active sympathy towards others in that same class. 3 a. In a democratic society, a father is only there to provide when the child is weak but later leaves as the child approaches manhood. In an aristocratic society the father is not only given a natural but also a political right to command; he has much more power. b. Democratic thinking; it makes the father more of a councilor rather than a commander. c. Aristocratic- brother are bound together and the oldest is viewed as the greatest because he gets the greatest inheritance, he becomes their master and they become his facilitators. They are joined by force. Democratic- there is nothing that forces them together. A bond is formed at childhood stages and is scarcely broken.
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Unformatted text preview: 4 a. The mores of an American girl are pure because she has been exposed to the reality of this world, this causes her to be strong and confident. She knows the evil but does not indulge in it. b. Her independence is lost. 5 a. He says there are no facts to prove it. b. Equality of conditions. c. Equality of conditions. 6 a. Since nature had established such great variation between the physical and moral constitution of man and that of woman, its clearly indicated goal was to give a divers employment to their different faculties. b. Europeans confuse the diverse attributes of the sexes and intend to make man and woman into being not only equal but alike. c. Americans have carefully divided the functions of man and woman in order that the great social work be better done....
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