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Reading Answers 10 - 1. What is the relationship between

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1. What is the relationship between Catholicism/Protestantism and suicide? - The countries that are purely Protestant have a much higher rate of suicide than Catholic countries. 2. Are Jews more or less likely to commit suicide than Catholics? What Jewish characteristics would be associated with higher than average suicide rates? - Jews are less likely to commit suicide than Catholics. Jews live in cities and are in intellectual occupations. 3. Is it minority status as such that is associated with lower suicide rates? Do Catholicism’s teachings prohibit suicide more than those of Protestantism? - Minority statuses are associated with lower suicide rates. Both Catholicism and Protestantism prohibit suicide with equal emphasis. 4. What is the only essential difference between Catholicism and Protestantism? How does this relate to the role of tradition and community/solidarity in people’s lives? Relate Judaism to this observation. - The only difference between Catholicism and Protestantism is that Protestantism permits free inquiry to a far greater degree. People that are allowed free inquiry are far more individualistic and less united because they don’t have a concrete doctrine that everyone can look upon. Judaism lives very little room for individual judgment and therefore they are more closely knit as a community. 5. How does England’s low suicide confirm not refute Durkheim’s thesis? - Although England is a Protestant country it resembles that of a Catholic country and it holds to many obligatory beliefs and practices: First, the law still sanctions many religious requirements such as the observance of Sunday. Second, England takes tradition very seriously including religious tradition. Thirdly, Anglican clergy is the only Protestant clergy organized in a hierarchy. This limits religious individualism and free
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Reading Answers 10 - 1. What is the relationship between

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