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Reading Answers 11 - -Altruistic Suicide – too much...

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Reading Questions 11 1. What form of suicide is characteristic “among lower societies?” - Obligatory altruistic suicide; a type of suicide that is viewed as a worthy way to die. This happens in a society that sees dying a natural death as unworthy. - Suicides of men on the threshold of old age or stricken with sickness - Suicides of women on their husbands’ death - Suicides of followers or servants on the death of their chiefs 2. What must the individual personality be like if society successfully compels members to kill themselves? What name does Durkheim give this form of suicide? - His/her personality does not matter; they must be highly absorbed in the group that they are in. This type of suicide is called altruistic suicide. 3. Do soldiers or civilians commit suicide more often? Among soldiers, is it privates or officers who commit more suicide? How does Durkheim interpret the latter? - Soldiers commit more suicides. Officers are more likely to commit suicide. Class Notes:
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Unformatted text preview: -Altruistic Suicide – too much integration in society.-There is an institution that has the vestige is the military.-Anomic and egoistic both lack the presence of society; egoistic suicide is a lack of integration; anomic suicide is a lack of regulation.-Altruistic is not a major problem in modern society.-Society is the source of morality. This is completely opposite from Adam Smith.-Economic crisis makes suicide goes up. Bankruptcy also makes them go up. Poverty keeps people from committing suicide.-A dramatic increase in a short amount of time will correlate with a raise in suicide.-Wealth is associated with higher suicide death. Contemporary Suicide I. Correlates of Teen Suicide o Residential Move o Divorce of parents o Step Parents o Drug or Alcohol Abuse o History of Physical Abuse II. Correlates of Suicide Generally o Age o Sex o Region of the Country/Mobility o Race o Divorce o Religious Affiliation o Denomination...
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Reading Answers 11 - -Altruistic Suicide – too much...

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