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Reading Answers 14 - 1. Describe the various phenomena...

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1. Describe the various phenomena which the West has produced which have universal significance and validity. - Only in the West do we find science . The rational science of chemistry. Only the West has a structure like canon law. Rational harmonic music. It has solved the problem of the dome. Printed literature. Specialist of science. Art. 2. What does the acquisitive urge have to do with capitalism? What can capitalism be virtually identical with? - Nothing. It comes to being the opposite. It is identical to the taming of this irrational instinct. Self interest has always been there among human being. 3. How is capitalism defined? What features are attributed to capitalism? What form of Western capitalism has not developed anywhere else on earth? What two other developmental elements are associated with this distinctive feature? How does Weber arrive at the assertion that the origins of capitalism lie with the origins of the bourgeoisie? - Capitalism is an exchange to acquire more capital then invested in order to achieve the acquisition; it is acting in order to receive profit. Traders, money-lending businesses, public corporations, entrepreneurs, taxation and war are all features attributed to
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Reading Answers 14 - 1. Describe the various phenomena...

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