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Reading Answers 17

Reading Answers 17 - Reading Answers 17 1 What is Pietism...

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Reading Answers 17 1. What is Pietism? What is the place of emotion? What is terminism? - Election by grace; its foundations are from Calvinism; it ends up in Germany. It comes from the ecstatic experience of being born again, they believed that religion was getting overly intellectual. Terminism means that everybody will receive God’s grace one time and you have to be ready for when it does come. 2. What is the Anglo-American equivalent of continental Pietism? Characterize Methodism. What was brought about methodically? - ? 3. What is implied by Weber’s distinction between church and sect? For the Quakers, what makes possible a true understanding of the biblical revelation of God? Upon what did the methodical character of Baptist morality rest? - ? 4. What features of the Baptists sects contributed to their interest in economic occupations? - The aversion to having any state offices, a refusal to take up arms (can’t work for state or army only in private sector could they work), and the anti aristocratic ethos.
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