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Reading Answers 21 1. They both believe morality stems from evolution and that it is not distinctly human; Kin altruism and reciprocal altruism are more central to our own morality. The first is that human nature is inherently social and the roots of human ethics lie in the evolved psychological traits and patterns of behavior that we share with other social mammals, especially primates; the second is that all of human ethics derives from our evolved nature as social mammals. He believes the first is correct. 2. It is where you have to choose between two circumstances that both incur loss, however one loss is greater than the other; i.e. kill 5 people and save 1 or kill 1 person and save 5. I would choose the person who is closest to me. If a family member is in the group of 5 then I would save the 5 but if they are alone then I would save the one and kill the rest. 3. To gain rights for great apes. I believe they have no rights and are only given rights by humans that feel compassion for them. I believe we should try to preserve them as much
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