Test 3 Review

Test 3 Review - Time 33:00 Assume you are alike Laboring in...

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Test 3 Review It was a new attitude that led to the industrialization of the textile industry. (Putter Outer Question) Reading 14 Question 7 - The Calvinistic Diaspra (the dispersion of people). Reading 17 Question 4 - Aversion to the aristocratic lifestyle - Aversion to serve the state in any way - Aversion to military service Reading 15 Question 3 - Idealist; it’s not Marxist but those who oppose Marx that are the; there is no inevitability that the capitalism would win out. Reading 14 Question 3Capitalism Defined: - Capitalism is however identical to the striving for profit; profitability through peaceful exchange; thievery and war are the antonyms of capitalism. Continuous, rational search for profitability based upon exchanges. - The origins of the burgours predate capitalism. The Bourgeoisie precedes capitalism because they rationally organized free labor. Reading 16 Question 6
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Unformatted text preview: Time 33:00 Assume you are alike Laboring in calling What are the four types of actions identified by Weber:-Traditional - based on emotions (habit) become more rare with modernization-Purpose rational essence of modernity-Value rational essence of modernity-Effectual Become more rare with modernization-The main difference between purpose and value rational action has to do with the nature of their ends. Value rational actions are worthwhile in of themselves. Purpose rational are not worthwhile in and of themselves but for other things (utility).-Its possible that in the name of rationalization the future will be a nichean nightmare. -Weber believes in value rational; people must have ideals Reading 20 Question 9-Time 45:00-Genuine moral sentiments are the ability of you and I to care about people more than family and friends....
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Test 3 Review - Time 33:00 Assume you are alike Laboring in...

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