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Homework Assignment #1 DEFINITIONS AND LEVELS OF PREVENTION General Directions for ALL Homeworks: (1) Type (or write neatly) answers on a separate sheet of paper to be turned in on the due date at the start of lab section. (2) Bring a second copy of your answers to class to use for discussion. A. DEFINITIONS and CONCEPTS: Give a brief definition, and an example if appropriate. 1. What is the definition of epidemiology? Epidemiology is the study of distributions and determinants of health-related cases or events in human populations. It is also the study of health indicators and disease occurrence in human populations. 2. Describe briefly how a study population differs from a source population and how a source population differs from a target population. A study population is the sample that is being studied and from which data is retrieved. On the other hand, a source population is the population that meets certain criteria and is eligible for study. A source population contains the study population. The target population is the population of interest. It is the one to which we make causal inference, after studying the study (sample) population. 3. Describe the major difference between an observational study and an experimental study. If you wanted to know if frequently eating McDonald’s Big Mac’s causes people to gain weight, describe (in 1 or 2 sentences) how you would answer this with an observational design versus an experimental design? Which approach do you think is better? Why? An observational study only consists of observing and describing the observations to test the hypotheses, without intervention. An experimental study would test the hypotheses by intervening
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HW01_2008_EPI_mw - Homework Assignment #1 DEFINITIONS AND...

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