22 - Mark OConnor very famous B4 I N the quarter Polyte...

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10/22/08 Mark O’Connor very famous. B4 IN the quarter, Polyte played it. 1. Mark O’Connor is a virtuoso of the crossover: he was good at something, but experimented with other branches of music. 2. He was born in Seattle, cultural center of the US. 3. Playing rag music in violin is harder, but folk music makes ppl wana get out of their seats and go crazy. Good community living 4. Nicolo Paganini 10/29/08 Aaron Williams “Jazz, rhythm, and the body” 1. We learned the drum as a grp, felt a bonding, union with the class, as we partook in activity together. 2. The arts lets us release what’s inside, what’s locked inside our hearts. That’s why art is so awesome. 3. Nicholas Brothers dancing on and on 4. Shim-sham (dance)was created in 1937, every tap dancer learns. 5. BS Course (dance) MIDTERM REVIEW 1. Some questions that have images, music attached to them. Identify syncopation or w/o. 2. Know artists. Not name the painting, but know “pop artists” Libdenstein and Warhol. Comic books. Cut and paste metaphors. Modern art predicted the computer. 3. Cristo said that art as process rather than the finished piece of Mona Lisa. (computer) 4. He doesn’t care about fixed masterpieces, but just mess around w/ anything on computer.
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5. Aesthetic, personal beauty decreed by ruling class. For Tolstoy,
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22 - Mark OConnor very famous B4 I N the quarter Polyte...

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