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druid theatre

druid theatre - Yaeji Lee Druid Theatre The event began...

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Yaeji Lee 12/1/08 Druid Theatre The event began when I started my peaceful walk to the MacGowan Theatre with my boyfriend and my friend Sarah. We went through the sculpture garden and wooded areas in the perimeter of the school. It was night, so there were lights leading to the theatre and when I entered the theatre, I saw that there were many old married couples, upper-middle class Caucasians, in particular. There were also some college students there, but they were wearing semiformal, well dressed. Through the performace, I thought the audience behaved as the performer intended, because when the man made a loud noise with a stick, they were shocked and people gasped around me. And when the scene was downcast and depressing, everyone remained quiet. The elements that were important in this performace were theater, bare scenery, minimalist technology, but the most important was the acting, because this play was based more on the drama of the action. This was a tragedy that satirized old, married couples, which I thought was fitting because there were many couples there. I thought that the dismality of the set reflected the Irish nature of life. In The Shadow of the Glen, I felt that this story said a lot about marriage and getting old. With two kids, no teeth, and skin drooping like a prune, what’s their purpose in living? I felt that their life gets lonely, but love is what captures the heart. I felt it showed the point of view of old men and women.
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But if she wanted to leave him, why hasn’t she left all this time? And if he didn’t trust her, why didn’t he divorce her instead of pretending to be dead? I felt he wanted to give her a chance. When he blows out the candle, I felt it symbolized the end of their happiness and marriage. In Playboy of the Western World, I felt that guys try to impress girls too much that they do anything to get their attention. But I feel that lying once can bring too many consequences and one must keep lying to cover up the first lie. The guilt that one feels is not worth the first lie.
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druid theatre - Yaeji Lee Druid Theatre The event began...

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