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Hanoolim Internship Application 2008-2009 Name_Yaeji Cindy Lee_________________________________ Year__Freshman_________________________________ Birthday___03/17/1990 ____________________________ Phone number__714) 732-1408 _______________________ [email protected] ___________________________ Objective of internship -Understand Hanoolim as an organization -Experience inner workings of HOL as staff -Pursue an area of interest in HOL -Interact closely with HOL staff -Learn leadership -Networking skills -Organizational skills -Personal growth -HAVE FUN!! Positions available- circle any area(s) of interest 1. KCN 2. EASTAP 3. Poongmul 4. General administrator Please provide previous leadership information (if any) Principal of high school orchestra, treasurer of American Cancer Society In 7~10 sentences, explain briefly why you would like to join hanoolim staff. *Can be written in either Korean
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Unformatted text preview: or English. I’d like to join hanoolim staff to be more involved in this organization. I’d like to interact with the Hanoolim members and staff as well as participate in all its fun activities. I’m also interested in EASTAP, helping other students to keep up with their studies and share information with others in a similar field. I’m also interested in KCN, helping in producing costumes and props for the show this year. List future commitment schedule for the upcoming year ranked in order Deadlines Applications are due 11/9 by 12am. Either hand in application to any staff member or email to [email protected] . Interviews will be held on 11/13 from 8-10pm. We will contact you about the time of your interview. *If you have any scheduling conflicts, contact via email. We will contact you about our decisions by 11/17....
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