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AP Biology Chapter 53 Multiple Choice Questions 1. _______ views a community as the chance assemblage of organisms with similar abiotic needs. (p. 1175) The niche The individualistic hypothesis Species richness Commensalism The interactive hypothesis 2. When goats were introduced to an island off the California coast, the goats lived in the same areas and ate the same plants as the native deer. The deer population dwindled and finally disappeared. This is an example of _____. (p. 1176) commensalism succession a food chain coevolution competitive exclusion 3. The niche of an animal is _____. (p. 1177) the number of individuals of the species the environment will support the same as its habitat the way the animal fits into its environment its den or nest its position in the food chain 4. Two species of cuckoo doves live in a group of islands off the coast of New Guinea. Of 33 islands, 14 have one species, 6 have the other, 13 have neither, and none has both. What might best explain this? The two species of birds could ______. (p. 1177) be on different trophic levels have similar niches
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have a mutualistic relationship have different niches be keystone predators 5. Under which of the following circumstances would interspecific competition be most obvious? (p. 1176) when resources are most abundant in the presence of a keystone predator when organisms have quite different ecological niches among species whose trophic levels are different when a foreign organism is introduced to a community 6. If the niches of two species are very similar, which one of the following is true? (p. 1177)
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AP Bio Chp 53 MC - AP Biology Chapter 53 Multiple Choice...

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