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AP Biology 2009 Summer Reading Assignment The purpose of the summer reading assignment is for you to review several topics in biology from your textbook (Chapters 1-4). During the semester, you will cover several animal system chapters so Chapter 40 has been assigned to give you an overview of the animal body plan, organization, and energy demands. The summer article is for you to be introduced to current topics of research in biology today. These assignments are due the first day of school. There will be a test over the textbook assignment on Friday of the first week of school. Please check my website , www.schoolnotes.com , ( use 30005 as zip). Part 1. Textbook Assignment and CD If you have trouble with the CD or forgot to pick up a textbook, go to the www.schoolnotes.com site to get the access code to register for the ebook. You will be able to access all of the material on-line. Work on the assignment for each chapter in whatever order you prefer. However, complete all of the work in the study guide by Chapter. In some cases, the text may be hard to read so you might want to complete several of the activities as an overview to the chapter before answering the questions. However, as you answer these questions, complete the activities and investigation from each chapter, you need to organize the information into a study guide format. This information that you collect is to help you produce a comprehensive study guide over the chapter for the unit test and a review guide for the AP exam which is more comprehensive that what is found in a commercial review book. Reading the chapters thoroughly is one of the most important factors for success in this class. Use the following format for organizing each chapter: Label questions, activities, and case study by chapter. Arrange the assignments in the following order by ascending chapters: Answers to questions. For each question, you need to give a very complete answer which includes defining key terms, describing the concept in the question, elaborating to give further details concerning the concept included in the question, and to give specific examples. Activities. For each activity include labeled diagrams, pictures, flow charts, etc., key terms (if not in questions), definitions and answers to questions. Take notes on the activity and include with the question when indicated. No credit for just copy and pasting assignment from CD or Web. Investigations. For the investigation include data tables, answers to questions, and a summary paragraph below the investigation with the purpose, results, and conclusion. State how it relates to the chapter topic. I understand since this assignment is to be completed outside of class, students might meet to discuss a question or compare notes taken on a question. While this approach is a good way to gain better understanding of the topic, it is
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ap-biology directions - AP Biology 2009 Summer Reading...

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