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Shreya Maddireddy Carpenter 1st 8/10/09 Defeating AIDS: HIV Vaccines: Prospects and Challenges MLA Citation: Tomo Narashima; David Baltimore; Carole Heilman. "Defeating AIDS: HIV Vaccines: Prospects and Challenges." Scientific American . 279. 1998. 78-83. eLibrary . ProQuest LLC. ALPHARETTA HIGH SCHOOL. 02 Aug 2009. <>. Summary: The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one of the most common viruses known in the world today. It has killed millions, yet scientists are not able to discover the vaccine to protect against this deadly virus. The natural immune response would be to stimulate the production of antibodies or cytotoxic T cells in the case that the virus does enter the system; however, the immune response to HIV does not destroy it. The body cannot generate these memory cells. Scientists mainly work in a trial and error to develop the vaccine. An experimental vaccination has been developed that has the envelope protein that coats the HIV virus. This essentially should prevent the virus from attaching and infecting the cells. This, however, does not protect human cells from all types of HIV strains, only a few. Researchers develop vaccination based on the surface proteins of the virus cells. One method of development is using killed virus particles that are incapable of multiplying. This method could be possibly dangerous, so virologist shy away from this path of treatment. The inactivation procedure to make the killed virus particles is also very difficult. Env proteins can also be embedded into the immune system in the form of pseudovirions that are artificial structures in the form of virus particles. This method is much safer because this cannot spread the virus inside the body after injected. However, this pseudovirions are much
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Article Summary #1 - Shreya Maddireddy Carpenter 1st...

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