IVF article - Shreya Maddireddy Carpenter 1st 8/10/09...

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Shreya Maddireddy Carpenter 1st 8/10/09 Pandora’s Baby MLA Citation: Henig, Robin Marantz. "Pandora's baby." Scientific American . 6 2003. 63. eLibrary . ProQuest LLC. ALPHARETTA HIGH SCHOOL. 10 Aug 2009. <http://elibrary.bigchalk.com>. Summary: The premise of this article is based on the bioethics of in vitro fertilization and its history beginning with the first “test tube baby .” After describing the sensationalism caused by this then brand new technology in the 1970s and the fears it has since inspired, the author continued to detail the reasons which have caused in vitro fertilization to be become commonplace . The “slippery slope” he refers to indicates his belief that the technology that originally started influencing the production of multiple embryos for one impregnation could morally take a wrong path . Though he states such claims by some prominent dissenters of new scientific research, the author himself questions if science will slip . To fully present the history of IVF, the author tracked its political history and the outright regulations, or lack thereof, placed on IVF and all others of its kind . His claims that the flat out disregard that the government has shown in their lack of proper funding or clear regulations have stemmed countless private testing facilities,
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IVF article - Shreya Maddireddy Carpenter 1st 8/10/09...

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