McCarville-Working Girls of Boston

McCarville-Working Girls of Boston - This investigation...

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Anthony Mansoor Third Hour Mr. McCarville September 25, 2009 Working Girls of Boston SUMMARY This article deals with an investigation that could never be done but was finally commenced last year. The investigation dealt with the terrible treatment of young girls working in Boston. It talks about the terrible wages they earn and the unsafe working conditions they were in. The study shows that most of the young girls did not receive enough money for basic living expenditures. The article goes in detail about the specific arts of work the girls did and the different pay those specific trades get. In some of the jobs, vast responsibilities were given to the girls. For example, one table girl in a restaurant she worked at says she was required to pay for all crockery broken. In stores, one girl says they are obliged to pay one half of the selling price for broken crockery or ware, one other girl who accidentally broke a showcase, left because the price was to be taken from her pay.
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Unformatted text preview: This investigation opened the eyes of many because of the harsh realities women faced back in American History. THREE THINGS LEARNED 1. I was not aware that many of the young girls at this time were living by themselves. This was a huge shock and almost a sad thing to learn. 2. It was interesting to learn about how different jobs earned different wages. Even more in depth, it was bizarre to see how different positions in the same company would earn less money even though they are doing twice the work of someone who is earning more money. 3. It was ridiculous that in some places, during working hours, the girls weren’t allowed to be disturbed for anything. Even if a friend died, the girl was notified after much trouble, and then only through a speaking tube. The girl this happened to, says she was absent two and three-quarter hours, and her employer, although knowing the circumstances, would not allow her the time. He also failed to pay for overwork when done....
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McCarville-Working Girls of Boston - This investigation...

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