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Last Name First Name Last Name PHI 107 25 September 2007 Guidelines for Paper Writing 1 Your papers should be roughly between four and five pages (according to the syllabus: no less than 1000 words and no more than 1250 words), double spaced with 12pt Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins on all sides. Use the general structure of this handout as a template for your papers (same heading/title layout, paragraph layout, page numbers, etc.). You are permitted to use only the relevant assigned readings; do not consult outside sources for your work. I recommend that you use in-text citations for quotations and paraphrased ideas; for example, Rachels claims that the social contract “need not be intended as a description of historical events” (Rachels, p159). Since you are using only assigned readings, you will not need a Works Cited page. When emailing me your completed draft, make sure the subject-title of your email fits this form: “PHI 107 Paper #X,” with the appropriate number in for ‘X’.
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