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CFS 201: Family Development - Fall 2008 Assignment – 3 Due on December 2, 2008 (50 points) Requirements : Cover page, 12-pt Font Size, Times New Roman Font Type, Double spaced and having 1’ margins, Stapled. Maximum number of pages = 5. Task : Research Assignment - Reaction Paper Do a literature search on any one of the following topics you discussed/will discuss in class (from any one of the 18 chapters in the book) Choose a peer-reviewed, empirical Research Paper on any one of the topics above, read it and write a Reaction Paper. Please note that this Assignment is worth 50 points. For library help:
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Unformatted text preview: What to submit : A copy of the original research paper and your Reaction Paper Cover page 2 points Original Research Paper stapled 1 point Reaction Paper stapled 1 point Original paper and reaction paper pinned/filed together 1 point Original research paper – peer reviewed, empirical research paper 10 points Reaction paper 35 points What to include in a reaction paper? Explain to me, in your own words, about the research you read. Include a discussion of insights gained and critique of the paper. What did you like about the paper and why? What further research would you like to see done on this topic and why?...
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