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WRITING ASSIGNMENT, FIA 105, Arts & Ideas, Fall, 2008 This assignment requires that you visit an exhibition in the S.U. Art Collections in the Shaffer Art Building (next to Bowne Hall) on campus, and write a paper about a work of art in the exhibition. The show, which is specially mounted for students in Arts and Ideas, will be accessible Tuesday November 11 through Monday, November 24. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Thursdays until 8:00 PM. The Gallery is closed on Mondays and will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday (November 26-30). The gallery displays several exhibitions at once, so be sure you view the one specifically for Arts & Ideas classes. Your paper is due at the beginning of lecture on Tuesday, November 25 or before . This allows you two weeks to accomplish the assignment. There is plenty of time to view the exhibition, and if you fail to do so, you will receive a failing grade for this assignment . Further details will be given in discussion sections. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS : LENGTH AND FORMAT: 3 to 5 pages of text in addition to your drawing (see below),
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