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Assignment 6 1) Yes. Lean can be implemented in a service environment in a variety of ways that improve quality, increase productivity, reduce space requirements, improve flexibility, and lead to shorter lead times. Some examples of lean in a service environment are organizing problem solving groups, clarifying process flows, eliminating unnecessary activities, and introducing demand-pull scheduling. 2) A stable schedule makes it much easier to account for inventory levels because they can just be
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Unformatted text preview: calculated based on the number of units produced instead of having to go in and count the ending inventory. 3) Some of these systems are analogous to Kanban. An empty bottle indicates that more needs to be produced (purchased). An empty wallet can signal the need to withdrawal money. 4) D= 4/hr L= 1 hr S= .5 C= 4 transmissions K= 4*1*1.5/4 = 1.5 = 2 cards 5) D= 32/hr L= 1 hr S= .125 C= 8 K= 32*1*1.125/8= 4.5 = 5 cards...
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